The Women in Rail Conference is where the top women in rail meet to find out the latest industry developments – and the conference gives you access to that valuable information. 

We see the necessity of feeling valued and dispelling the myth of rail as a man’s world, a lack of self-confidence is often evident. Women can be reluctant to apply for promotions, feeling their chances of success are lower than their male counterparts. “Very often, when women attend events they are in a minority and they are reluctant to network and introduce themselves. That’s the internal challenge. We need to make sure women get the support they need to climb the career ladder.”

More than this, though, is the issue of flexible working. The willingness from industry is there, “Most companies think about productivity, and how they can get the most out of the workforce,” “Flexibility helps with productivity.”

Why attend ?

Understanding the rail industry and the roles for women.

Awareness of senior roles in the marketplace available and being acquired by women.

Success stories from representatives of leading companies on designing, implementing, sustaining and measuring women’s initiatives.

The important role that demographics, labour markets and consumer behaviour across industries have on the future of women in the global economy.

Who to expect ?

Women and men in senior leadership positions within transport and related industry companies.

Women aiming to develop a career in the transport industry in Africa.

Women transport entrepreneurs.

High-potential women looking to enhance and advance their careers.

Industry professionals responsible for hiring, developing and advancing an unbiased workforce

What you benefit ?

Network before, during and after the conference, with other leading women in transport.

Learn and practise the latest leadership trends in our sessions.

Find new opportunities to leverage your own ideas.

Explore the latest trends for growing the transport industry.

Discover ways to create jobs for women in transport.


The Women In Rail Conference will attract 400+ delegates. Everyone in any way connected with the rail sector is invited but it will be of particular interest to funding agencies, municipal, provincial and national government, parastatals, policy- and decision-makers, academics, researchers, students and professionals active in the planning, construction, manufacturing.


While most acknowledge the industry is not anti-women, the total rail workforce is less female. Some people might say ‘it’s near 20%, it’s not that bad,’” “but the most concerning part is in terms of job grades and their roles. Many women are away from the core decision-making and are not in a managerial role, while only a few have progressed to director or executive level. Women need to be given a chance to rise up the ranks

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